How Damaging Can Humidity Be?

How Damaging Can Humidity Be? - specialized climate-controlled storage

How Damaging Can Humidity Be?

Here at Tulco Industrial Storage, every building we have is equipped with state-of-the-art climate control systems. Most electronic equipment is susceptible to damage when stored for long periods in a high humidity environment. Most of this equipment needs to be in an environment that is 60 RH (relative humidity) or below and regularly cared for or rotated. Electronic equipment is not the only equipment that can be affected by moisture.

Electronic and metal equipment are the most obvious objects when it comes to damage from humidity. Electronics will often short circuit in humid environments, because of condensation forming on the circuit boards and shorting out when power is turned on. Humidity can also decrease the insulation resistance in electrolytic capacitors in some devices.

High humidity environments have arguably the most noticeable effect on metal equipment. When certain metals are introduced to moisture, they will begin to rust. Rust will immediately start to spread, and weaken the equipment as it goes. Rust is often referred to as a “cancer” in the metal equipment world, as it will spread irreversible damage very quickly if gone unchecked. Rust can cause low friction, moving components to freeze or lock up, and sometimes cause them to rust together so badly they seem to fuse. If the metal is being used as a support structure, or it has a lot of weight on it, rust can weaken these supports until they eventually fail. Rust can even cause irreversible damage to non-component pieces; surface plates can be eaten away until holes start to form.

Materials like wood, paper, leather, and fabric are also susceptible to irreparable damages from humidity. Molds can grow on all of these materials, and they thrive on moisture. Many molds also produce acids that will eat away at wood, paper, leather, and fabric.

Even if these materials avoid being overgrown with mold, moisture will rot them just as quickly.

Do not take a chance on your equipment being ruined in non-climate-controlled storage spaces. If you want your equipment to be safe from the elements, our humidity controlled industrial storage is your best choice.


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