What is Humidity Controlled Industrial Storage?

storage sulphur la, industrial equipment storage What is Humidity Controlled Industrial Storage?

What is Humidity Controlled Industrial Storage?

Eagle Electric Machinery established Tulco Industrial Storage in 1997, to provide customers with a safe place to store their heavy equipment. Starting with only 12,000 square feet in 1997, Tulco has now grown to 243,000 square feet of storage space. Tulco stores not only rotating equipment, but also catalyst, exchanger bundles, transformers, switchgears, and many other industrial items.

Humidity, not temperature, is the true cause of destructive forces such as mites, molds, mildew, rust, paper rot, and wood degradation. With Tulco Industrial Storage, your equipment is kept safe from degradation with our humidity control and onsite personnel. Every inch of our 240,000+ square feet of storage space is climate controlled. Humidity controlled storage is a safer choice to prevent damage to items that require storage in a climate controlled environment. Items that are sensitive to high humidity are generally stored in rooms with humidity levels that below 60 RH (Relative Humidity). Humidity controlled storage is the result of careful research on the best way to protect valuables over time.

Tulco also offers our customers peace of mind, giving them the option to check up on their equipment. When you store our equipment with us, you can check on your equipment 24/7 with our online inventory database. The valuable equipment stored at Tulco is always monitored and kept secure. Even when we reach capacity, our team is always ready to expand.

Any equipment that we may have in storage is maintained on a rotating maintenance schedule. If our climate control system, state-of-the-art security system, and online inventory database is not enough to convince you that we really care for your equipment, know that Eagle Electric Machinery’s Extended Warranty covers everything under our roof!


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