Proper Motor Storage

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Proper Motor Storage

When you put your motor in storage, you want your motor to be well maintained, cleaned, and repaired while being stored. At some point your active motor will fail, and when that happens, you want that motor you stored to be immediately ready for use.

Proper storage is key. If your motor is stored improperly, you risk the chance of calling on your backup motor and finding it corroded, fractured, and in need of repair before its even used. If your motors are stored in a place where they are improperly tagged, or with no system in place to sort failed motors from newly received motors, you likely won’t be able to get a reliable and working motor in time to replace the one that has already failed.

To have a motor safely stored, you need to make sure that there is proper identification on each motor that comes in, so that you know its location and its condition. There should also be proper management on hand to determine whether a motor needs repairs, rewinding, or rotating to make sure that the motor can be called upon whenever it is needed and be sure not to fail you. The storage space should be temperature and climate controlled to reduce any chance of corrosion or rust. Another thing to look for when storing your motors is a storage facility that will keep your motors clean, will keep your motors clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Tulco Industrial Storage

Storing your motors with Tulco ensures that your motors will be completely safe, as well as maintained! With over 243,000 SQ FT of dehumidified climate controlled industrial storage, we have the perfect place to store motors to keep them safe from atmosphere, temperature, and humidity. We also take great pride in the maintenance we provide. Equipment such as motors, gearboxes, pumps, blowers, compressors, and turbine rotors stored here are regularly cleaned, as well as rotated.


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