Climate Controlled Industrial Storage

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Climate Controlled Industrial Storage

Climate controlled industrial storage is designed to maintain a specific temperature and humidity level. Many materials are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food products.

Climate control is achieved through the use of HVAC systems that are designed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. This ensures that the items stored inside are not damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity levels, which can cause them to degrade or even become unusable. Not only do we have climate-controlled storage to keep your equipment safe, but we also monitor it constantly. There are temperature and humidity charts in our warehouses to check the conditions

Overall, climate controlled industrial storage is an essential component of many industries that rely on the safe and secure storage of sensitive materials.

What items need climate controlled storage conditions?
-Metal Equipment

We offer short & long-term Industrial Storage, a Distribution Center for various types of manufactures and products, our crane lift capacity of up to 70 tons (140,000 lbs).


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